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Today news travels really fast due to all the social media out there. To keep track of it all you have to visit a lot of websites, which can be a burden sometimes. Therefore Newstalk decided to make our lives a lot easier. All the daily news from around the globe is gathered on one website, where you can easily keep track of all the articles without having to visit many different websites.

The daily news is divided into different categories. This makes it easy to find the articles you want and this makes it possible to view the articles about the subject that interests you. Are you a big sports fan? Then you can view all the news in this specific category. You can also view daily news about specific sports like baseball, formula 1 or soccer. When you leave your news page open you will automatically be notified about new articles in your list. This will be shown in the title of your browser and the new items will be highlighted when you click your tab. This way you will stay up-to-date and you won’t miss any important news about your favourite subject.

Newstalk imports the articles of many websites (by RSS), to gather as much news as we can. Because of this it is very important for us to combine the news we gather. This is done by combining the news, so you can make the decision on what website you would like to view the article. Viewing the news won’t clutter this way and it will stay user-friendly for all our visitors.

Is your favourite category missing on our website? Request it and we might add it to our website (rss), so Newstalk provides the news for everyone. Do you have a news rss website of your own and you would like it to be added? Contact us and mention the category you would like to be viewed in.